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My professor is missing

You can add a new name yourself. Just type the name into the search form and press 「SEARCH」. You will see a button that will lead you to a page where you will need to fill the required information (you only need first and last names).

If you have a long list of names, I'd be happy if you contributed it (either in an automated way using the form mentioned above, or by simply sending the list to me).


I do not want others to write things about me!

Why not? 😊

Over 75% of feedbacks on this website are positive or neutral. If you are a great professor (and I hope you are!), then there is nothing to worry about.

Somebody will always be unhappy, but that's OK. Consider it as an opportunity to improve yourself, and as a result to have an even better impact on our next generation of specialists!

My university already has a system for feedbacks, I like it more than your website

Let's be honest here: how much do you care about feedbacks left in a non-public system of your university (do you even read them?), and how much do you care about things written on this website?

If your university was publishing all of the feedbacks, your name wouldn't be on this website.

Someone wrote lies about me!

Feel free to leave a comment yourself to explain the situation. There have been cases like this.