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Professor: Alari Allik

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University: Tallinna Ülikool
Course: -

A week ago I attended the lecture “Surm ja taassünd FromSoftware'i mängudes” as part of the Japanese club. If you get to one of his lectures, you will be very lucky. You are guaranteed to get goosebumps during the lecture. His ability to present the material deserves special attention - it was an incredible immersion of the listeners in the lecture, I especially want to note the calmness, depth and insight with which he narrated the story. It was as if I had been to a meditation. As for the content of the lecture. Before coming to the lecture, I knew nothing about the game he was talking about. Alari mentioned the connection of some plot points with Buddhism. It's actually a very good idea to also touch on topics that don't seem obvious enough at first glance. Before that, I had never met people who paid such attention to the plot of games. After the lecture, I spent a long time looking for additional information about some of the Buddhist aspects of this game. I would never have guessed that there could be so many references in games. Having this knowledge, you find yourself in a parallel story and begin to see the plot of the game from a completely different angle. The cherry on the top was his personal experience and subjective opinion, which perfectly complemented the lecture. In short, I highly recommend attending his lectures. Even if your Estonian language isn't good enough, he speaks in very understandable words.



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